Human Resources

Since the early beginnings over 30 years ago, there has been a strong understanding that human resources are an essential axis for the company’s development and growth, which has led us to be one of the main actors in the field of marketing fine seafood, fresh and frozen fish and dry seaweed.

Social Responsibility

We are interested in contributing to the development of the community we are part of, offering employment and knowledge to our workers, improvement to their families and extending specific contributions for the development of new generations.

• Training

Permanent development of new knowledge and skills in order to achieve a sustained management of the talents and potentials of our collaborators.

• Teamwork

Promoting training, the creation of new ideas and the exchange of information for better decisions on our part and the development of future projects.

• Safety

Commitment and personal value for the generation of healthy and safe work environments.


Doing a good job, providing an added value to our actions and products in order to meet the expectations of our clients.



For many years, we have been developing an innovation model with the active participation of all the employees in the company, generating new ideas in order to make our productive processes more efficient and provide better solutions to our clients.