A modern process plant (located near ConcepciĆ³n, 500 km south of Santiago) with the capacity to produce 200,000 boxes of canned and 3,000 tons of frozen products per year, is 100% owned by Multiexport and operated by Alimex, a subsidiary company. At this plant, frozen and canned seafood is processed under rigorous quality standards.


icono almejas

Our fundamental concern is to ensure the freshness of the raw materials we receive from divers and fishermen and the optimum quality of each of the products we process.

icono pulpo

The use of a wide range of specialized packaging, for canned or frozen, allows us to preserve the natural freshness of the sea.

All of our seafood is carefully processed under the HACCP standard, aimed at food safety and customer satisfaction. Our frozen fish also have BRC, IFS and Kosher certifications.


Our extensive experience in processing and exporting seafood allows us to provide our customers with high quality products, recognized worldwide.


Canned Locos

Concholepas concholepas

Canned Abalone

Haliotis rufescens

Canned Culengues

Gari solida

Canned Sea Asparagus

Tagelus dombeii

Canned Razor Clams

Ensis macha


Frozen Locos

Concholepas concholepas

Frozen Chilean Seabass

Dissostichus eleginoides

Frozen King Crab

Lithodes santolla
More than 30 years of experience