Seafood Processing


The beginnings of what we currently call as Alimex S.A. go back to 1984, when the partners and directors of our company began to export of various products. Since then, our company has established itself as one of the main players in the field of ​​production and marketing in the world for seafood, fish and dried seaweed.

The multiple export company (Multiexport) begins operations. At the beginning, various products are exported, including frozen seaweed and seafood.
The company Conservas Multiexport S.A is created in Coronel -VIII region- to develop the frozen and preserved seafood and frozen fish businesses. The Red Seaweed business, which depends on the SeaWeeds business unit, is administered in the same venue.
The company Algas Multiexport S.A is created in Vallenar -III region- to start the business of brown algae, today these businesses are managed in the Seaweed Business Unit of the company Alimex S.A.
In order to boost the red algae business, the company Algas del Sur S.A was created, concentrating its operations in the X region, today these businesses are managed in the Seaweed Business Unit of the company Alimex S.A.
Export of dry brown algae to China begins
To reach the Asian market the commercial strategy of the canning business is reinforced to reach the Asian market.
Alimentos Multiexport is created, which in 2001 absorbed the companies Algas del Sur S.A, Conservas Multiexport S.A and Algas Multiexport S.A in order to achieve advantages in the financial, human resources, technology and administration aspects.
A new business unit is created, in charge of supplying fresh fish and seafood to the supermarket chain belonging to the most important retail company in Chile.

Currently we also supply hotels, casinos and restaurants (Horeca), we also serve other chains of existing supermarkets in the country
The exportation business of frozen Seabass to the United States resumes, in portions and fillets format
The Coronel plant obtains the PAC certification for frozen fish and shellfish for the Chinese market, and also manages to be BAP, BRC, IFS certified for the frozen salmon product for the United States market.

human Resources

Since the company began more than 30 years ago, human resources have been a fundamental axis for the development and growth of the company, this added to the great advances in technology and automation, which  allowed us to achieve important improvements in our processes, as a result, we have managed to be the main players in the industry, which allows everyone to work to give tranquility and security to our collaborators in their daily work, which is reflected in an efficient performance that contributes to providing security to our fine seafood marketing processes fresh and frozen fish and dried seaweed.

Our values

Social responsibility

Constant concern to contribute to the development of our community in which we are inserted, not only generating jobs, but also training and delivering the necessary tools to our collaborators for their job training, which we are happy to be contributing with concrete contributions to development of new generations.

Our values


Development and permanent training of our collaborators in search of a constant improvement in the knowledge of skills and behaviors that make us respond to the needs of current businesses, empowering our collaborators with new and modern tools.

Our values

Team Work

Encouraging the creation and development of new ideas and the exchange of information between our collaborators between the different areas of the company are the key to success. That is why we believe that for the development of future projects, our motto is "All for one and one for all", the essence of teamwork.

Our values


Commitment and personal value for the generation of healthy and safe work environments, as well as other aspects such as the psychological well-being of employees, with stress prevention as the main measure.

Our values


Result of detailed monitoring of the different processes that exist within the organization, responsible for controlling the quality of our products to satisfy the needs of our customers.



Entendemos al trabajo como uno de los aspectos fundamentales de la vida y, desde esa mirada, impulsamos su calidad generando compromiso y valor, construyendo ambientes sanos y seguros para las personas, potenciando aspectos familiares y recreacionales.

More than 30 years of experience
HUMAN resources