Chilean Sphagnum Moss or Sphagnum magallanicus is extracted from swamps from the south of Chile, specifically from X to XII regions.
Moss is extracted by eco-friendly methods, taking care of the environment and ecosystems, allowing to develop a long-term sustainable industry which benefits many local families that rely on the permanent incomes that this industry provides them with. Alimex developed a strong moss supply chain that allows to reach the highest quality standards required by different global markets where moss is exported.
Chilean Sphagnum Moss is mainly used as a plant substract, specifically for orquids production, due to its excellent properties as a water retainer and plant oxygenation which benefits their growing process

Moss Processing

For the correct packing process, Alimex counts with a wide number of collaborative process plants at the extraction points which are supervised by the company personnel who are constantly checking that our high-quality standards are being fulfilled. In this process plants, the moss is selected, dried, cleaned and pressed into rectangular bales that are packed on a clear plastic bag for their further storage in the company warehouses where the final quality inspection takes place leaving the moss ready to ship.

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